Rationale for Vidzai Videos for Retail

Retail industry is co-creating with customers, and need ability to connect, converse and collaborate with its customers in a differentiated way.
Retail Industry
    As retail is moving fast from physical to digital, Retailers need visual mediums to showcase, connect with and engage the customers on an ongoing basis. it is hard to describe a product such as an apparel in words, a still image is good, but not good enough to attract attention. A moving visual and an engaging voice will cut the chase, for making a new sale, or a gentle nudge to complete the purchase of a cart left abandoned. Loyalty programs, recommendations of curated merchandise, offers and sales, through an engaging medium are most required by Retail.

Sale & Offers

Awareness & Consideration: Persona based, and individual based personalization for Season’s Collection, End of Seasons Sale, Festivals.
    “Dear Sonia, Are you ready to go on a shopping spree? Here is our End of Season Sale and matching your last purchase of the black gown, here are specially curated list of accessories. Tap on the video to see more choices”

Occasions & Life Events

Retention: Connecting in a personalized manner for special occasions – Birthdays, Anniversaries, First Job, Marriage.
    “Dear Sonia, A very warm anniversary wishes to you and your partner. We have added 300 loyalty points to your Pantaloon Green Card and your new total is 3300. This is our way of making it extra special for you. Tap below to select this special collection, offered at an additional x% discount only for today.”

Abandoned Carts

Consideration & Retention: Showing the carts contents, reviews with a gentle nudge to buy. Making it sweeter through additional discounts.
    “Dear Sonia, the Black colour embroidered shirt that you left in the cart is now available at x% discount. So, what are you waiting for? Click on your video link below and enjoy shopping.”


    Loyalty & Retention: Onboarding a new customer on Loyalty program, Explaining the program and its benefits, loyalty points statements with its highlights, best way to use Loyalty points along with offers.


    A personalized video campaign for the customers of HomeCentre. Providing them with gift ideas. #GiftThoughfully Campaign.