Rationale for Vidzai Videos for Health Care

Healthcare industry benefits from personalization of messages at every stage, as each stage is unique, at least for the patient who is going through it. Patients long for old-fashioned personal interaction and technology comes to the rescue.
Healthcare Industry
    Healthcare is a complex domain, with every condition and its response being unique. Every patient wishes to be heard and responded to with specifics to her case. An informed patient who understand her ailment, her options, and the provider’s capability will convert faster to sign up for the procedure. Preventive healthcare services, e.g. Periodic Health check-ups, would benefit from contextualized and personalized messages to avoid ignorance and inaction.

Lead Conversion

Initial Enquiry about ailment, procedure, though website form, emails
    Empathy in communication – A 1:1 digital communication which explains, counsels, and listens. We care for you in your hour of need – We will be contextual & relevant.
    Instead of sending text heavy E-mails, Personalized and Interactive video, which explains more, in language of choice, provides interactions to the customer. Interactions and watch history on the video, tells about the potential customer’s disposition to the healthcare provider.

Tailored Wellness Pathways

Next set of touch points of counselling, finding more information
    Personalized and Interactive video fit in to communicate, as the provider gets more information about the case. More relevant videos in context of the ailment, procedure options, similar case studies. Pitch for the doctor, facility and care.
    Your need is unique (your history, parameters, age) & so is our attention – Here is why we are the best to help – case-studies similar to yours, doctor who is the best, facility as required for this procedure.

Decision Empowerment

    Video to help zero down on options and arrive at the decision. Patient understands, that she knows about the ailment and procedure, and the choices. Easy statistics (in case of common procedures and availability of data) to indicate x% people in this situation have taken the same decision as the patient.

Reminders and Call to Action

    Personalized and Interactive video, associating with the customer, gently nudging, reminding about the criticality and speed of action. Customer can review any of the previous communication on the video, and can ask for more info, Gentle reminder to show how each week means to the patient on her path to recovery.

Customer Engagement – During hospital stay

    A small portal / app on which the person can watch day-to-day personalized schedule as created for him/her. Patient’s care-taker / family get to see everything in an easy to understand manner.

Life-style changes information

    Personalized video on the life-style changes as it applies to the person after the procedure. Patient understands, where she is, at her stage in this journey, and knows more information about what to expect next.

Feedback collection

    Feedback on a regular basis on the video, so you know experience at micro levels.

Post procedure care/ Regular check up Reminders

    Personalized and Interactive video, reminding about the next appointment, indicating this step in the process is important, and making it convenient for the patient to take this action right away.


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