Rationale for Vidzai Videos for Banking

Banking is transforming to Digital faster than ever before. Digital experiences in all its experiences such as marketing, product understanding, feature understanding or plain simple engagement are imperative
    Banks often struggle to put ‘customer first’. The digital transformation happening with the banks can leverage ‘one-view’ of the customer footprint, omni-channel and channel of choice experience, and reducing reach out costs to their customers. Banks thrive on data and the customer would be all ears to financial information presented like a story to create engagement leading towards customer’s financial well being translating into better product understanding, usage, cross sell and CX benefits for the banks. Personalized, interactive and adaptive videos play a signficant role in enhancing the banks’s touchpoints with its prospects and customers, across various customer journeys, with proven results.

CX – Onboarding

Personalized onboarding kit
TA: New Customer who purchases a product.
    The first impression of starting a new relationship should be exciting and off-beat. Banks send an onboarding mail, which should contain a personalized video with message from CIO and/or the relationship manager (pre-recorded videos) welcoming the customer. Language should be vernacular (asking the customer to choose the option). Use cases would be Account opening, Credit card dispatch, Major change in banking service.

Sell, Cross-sell, Upsell

Guided Conversions
TA: Prospect
    Guided conversations or ‘decision-tree type conversations’, to route the customer’s journey, answering questions, explaining concepts, and ‘guiding’ the customer towards the product purchase. Vidzai videos can embed in your website, explaining the product in a guided manner, gently nudging the customer to provide required information on the video through interactions, integrating with EMI calculators to complete the purchase journey.
    Cross-sell of inter-departmental products and services (Thank you for opening a Savings A/C with us. Would you like us to tell you about our locker facility available at the same branch, Promote some recently tied up Builder projects and get them to take home loans)

Customer Servicing

Education, Statements, App Usage
TA: Existing Customer
    Move from paper based statements to videos giving key insights and money management advise with exact details (move your sleeping money of Rs. 3Lakhs to an overnight fund and earn 2% higher return, you spend 30% on dining out), promote usage of mobile banking app, Digital banking.

Policy Key Features Usage

TA: Existing Customer
    Banks can provide insights into the customer’s product usage and help them save money. This would increase loyalty and engagement. (We care about small business, and your working capital loan usage shows miss of submitting stock statements in time that impacts you in.. , Would you need help in explaining how to easily generate and upload this statement?)

Product Promotion / Lead Nurturing

TA: Prospects
    Mass messaging through SMS, eMails can contain links to Personalized videos (only name personalization may be applicable depending upon lead acquisition process) to reach out to a large number of potential leads. Click would guide the lead to the product page and continue the video story tending to the guided tour and completing the journey (Campaigns could be Instant Personal loan, Zero balance Digital Accounts, Working Capital Loan, PPF Promotions, Kanya Sumridhi Promotions, Promote Higher Savings Account Interest Rates, Promote BillPay features, Recurring Deposits)

Intelligent Lead Management

TA: Prospects
    An existing customer exploring a new product, a new prospect who has landed on the product’s page through a google search needs to be engaged. A category level video that navigates to exact product fitment (e.g. International remittance for medical v/s investment are different product displays and should be displayed separately). Interactive video to show the right fitting product video, with required interactions to guide the customer to explore the product and in the process provide information (country, amount, one-time/regular remittance) can help reduce friction in the customer journey.